Print Volume 300
Numbering Hand-numbered*
Size US Standard
Ulrich Planer
Notes Reference: The lithograph is stylized to look like a slot machine, however it also contains a hidden feature. The design features a fold-in design with arrows on the outside border section; when the design is folded in to line up these arrows, the lithograph displays a stylized skull which pays tribute to the old Golden Nugget Gambling Hall casino sign.

Note that there are two versions of this lithograph. The version available for purchase outside the venue had a cheaper-than-normal price (apparently $10 or $15), was printed on very thin paper and was hand-numbered. Inside the venue, unnumbered versions were for sale but were printed on more typical lithograph paper. It is thought that event staff mistakenly numbered the wrong batch - the intention was most likely that the harder paper stock was to be hand-numbered and sold inside the the venue and the thinner stock was to be sold for a lower price, allowing people to fold the design as intended without worrying about damaging the limited edition version.