Print Volume150
SizeUS Standard
NotesReference: The Akō Incident, more commonly referred to in English as the story of The Forty-seven Rōnin, involved masterless samurai from Akō, located in the same prefecture as Kōbe.

Arian Buhler design.

Rarity: 10/10 - Only 150 made and sold out within minutes. Snow and windy conditions the day of the concert meant that unless you came prepared, the chances of getting the lithograph home undamaged would prove very difficult. Unlike later concerts in Europe where lithographs were sold with protective envelopes, lithographs in Japan were sold as is and customers were only offered clear plastic bags and rubber bands. Those that managed to get them home unscathed are very attached to them. Some were available for sale online for extremely high prices and sightings have been near mythical ever since. Very few of the Japan lithos ever made it out of the country, being highly sought after by local fans. Low volume printing, lithograph from a foreign country, adverse weather conditions and a killer design means a perfect storm for rarity.

Popularity: 11/10 - The unicorn, white whale and El Dorado of GNR lithographs combined. This one goes to 11.